The company

Our history

I’m Manuel Sirvent, 4th generation in charge of leather warehouse management of our family.

This company was set up at 1890 by my great-grandfather Francisco Antonio Vera. His daughter, who was my grandmother, Mercedes Vera Llorens, carried on the legacy and then my father Manuel Sirvent Vera took care of the company. Now, in honor of him, my brand is named CURTIDOS MANUEL SIRVENT.

At 2006, after worked under my father command for years to learn all the secrets of this business, I took charge of the family business.

At this point, I would like to pause to pay tribute to you, father, because thanks to your lessons and advice I am who I am today.

It was then that I decided to change my father’s model business to the original business model: direct trade of the product.

After all these years, we have gained the necessary experience to be what we are today, a reference leather warehouse market which work with the best domestic and foreign brands in footwear and handbags.

Our intention is to continue to grow with our customers and provide the best of us.

Our customer commitment is our high value.

Our process


Listen and understand customer requirement. Select of suitable raw material to produce.


Follow the process at all times until the product is complete. Keep customer update about his suited product to its production.


Before deliver the goods, we check leather measurements with our certificate machine “MID” of measure “GER”.


Finally we proceed to delivery and check personally our customer’s level of satisfaction.

Our facilities

We have extensive facilities designed to store large quantities of perfectly organized merchandise, so our customers’ production is not interrupted momentarily.

The company owns GER ELECTRÓNICA leather measuring machine, model “CERTA” with “MID”  international certificate. This model guarantees that the customer receives the correct measurement of the merchandise for use in production.

We work with Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

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